Press for attention: written media

Do journalists make you nervous – but you need to publicise your business? You've come to the right place.

What do we do?

We make your interviews work for you

You have or your client has a press opportunity coming up and you need to make the best of it. You’ve seen colleagues get led around an interview by the nose when a journalist or other influencer takes full control and asks all the wrong questions, meaning you don’t get value for your business or for the readers.

We can help. We’ll have an initial consultation to find out about the sort of written media you’re aiming for and we’ll find the right trainer for your needs. We’ll work out an agenda that will involve a visit from the trainer and at least two practice interviews per delegate, recorded (not for distribution!) so you can have a look at it and we can work out what you’re doing right and wrong. We’ll offer feedback and explain the techniques journalists might use and some techniques to throw back at them.

You’ll finish better able to deliver the message you need to land – and the readers will get a better deal as you’re able to share your expertise properly. Contact our diary expert Lindsay by clicking this link to arrange a time for an initial chat.

The media training went fantastically; our spokespeople did great as a result

James Paterson, consumer PR, Currys PC World

Our promise to you

What is included

  • A tailored media training course run at your premises or at a board room I can arrange – before the session we will discuss what you need, whether you have any experience and take it from there
  • Your objectives and pain points addressed
  • A trainer with over a decade of experience coaching press spokespeople and almost three decades in the media – a current journalist rather than someone who’s done this in the past
  • An experienced camera technician in the room (optional) offering proper feedback and immediate playback in a professional studio environment (also optional!)

Ready to get started?

We offer messaging sessions, open seminars for more than one client, interview practice and numerous other services both online and in person. The first step is for us to have a conversation so we can explore how exactly we can help.