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Guy’s done a podcast on media training

A couple of weeks ago Guy was delighted to be invited to take part in the “Socially Unacceptable” podcast from Prohibition PR, offering insights from his long career as a journalist and a trainer. It’s just gone live so you can watch or listen any time you want to.

It’s 45 minutes and the participants covered the ins and outs of media training pretty thoroughly; how to avoid being boring, why Guy became a trainer in the first place, which the worst media stuff-ups have been (the hosts do not use the phrase “stuff-ups”) and who the best interviewers actually are.

It’s always lovely to have your ego scratched a little when someone asks to interview you but in this instance Guy hopes, as he does in all of his training activity, that there will be something of value to be gleaned from the stories he relates and the insights he offers. We have a clippings page for anyone who wants to check that we stick to our own advice and talk to the media as well as tell other people how to do so and are fairly obviously delighted to include this one on it.

Special mention has to go to the hosts: if you watch it, bear in mind that Guy’s Internet connection was playing up (he has subsequently spent £450 on new extenders and it’s fine) so the hosts couldn’t actually hear much of what he was saying. Media training is an excellent thing but a technology failure can happen to anyone at any time. Thanks to the way Prohibition’s recording set-up, Riverside.FM, works, he was recorded locally on his computer, it looks and sounds perfect to the viewer and they just had to take it on trust that his witticisms were actually funny!

So no change there, then, you ask his daughter. Here’s the show.

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